Furocious Foto started as a bit of fun with my two little charmers, Murphy and Sunny, and one grouchy old cat, Bubba. Isn’t it in the rulebook somewhere that all pet photographers must have hundreds of pictures of our own furry family before we can move on to other pets? One day, you wake up and discover that you’ve filled a 1TB drive with pictures of your dog, and the thought occurs to you that maybe it would be fun to have a little variety.

Hi, I’m Stacey. I shoot anything I can and not nearly enough. My favorite subjects are the furry ones, flowers and toys. My dad always had a Minolta in his hand, and when I was about 6 years old, he bought me my first camera – a Brownie Hawkeye – from the neighbor across the street for $0.25. He bought me my second camera – an Ektralite110 – from Jafco in about 1978. I’m sure he wanted to choke every time the 7 y.o. me blew through a 24 exposure cartridge taking pictures of my cat.

Here I am now, all grown up, and still taking pictures of my cat.

I love life, laughing and love, and speaking of laughing, I play the ukulele… poorly, but I have fun.
The not so furry helper, and the one who supports my passion for photography (and my other quirks and eccentricities) is Jon, my husband of 17 years.


I also take pictures of toys and teapots. It’s a great excuse to still have tea parties and play with toys, even when I’m all grown up.

In my so-called spare time, I’m a professional massage therapist and physiology geek.