Pretty much the best little helper ever

Happy Birthday to YOU!

Sunny is my little angel in front of a camera. Always willing to sit still or play along. He knows there might be a piece of cheese in it for him, but I think he’d do it just for the attaboys.

Naps are cool!

“I fail to see what was so important that you had to disturb my nap.”

Wild Kitty

wild kitty

Britney is a little wild thing in our neighborhood. Although she’s tiny, she’s fierce, you might say “FURocious!” There are days when we arrive home to spot her sunning herself on the roof. Today she chose this patch of dirt, where she could see the squirrels. Britney is about 19 years old, but you’d never know it.

She is wild, and won’t allow anyone except her immediate family to touch her. My husband has been trying to pet her for as long as she has lived next door… years! He hasn’t succeeded yet, but maybe someday. I was able to capture her today on camera, from about 8 feet away using a 105mm zoom. A lucky shot of a sweet girl.