Furocious Crew


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The Furocious Crew are constantly there to pick me up, drive me crazy and give me snuggles. First, there was Abby, my wonderful fluffy little Maine Coon, who taught me (the hard way) how important it was to capture and treasure photographs of my furry little love-bugs. Then came Shaq, one of my two black kitties. Shaq is 19 years old, but you could have fooled him. His favorite thing to do is gallop through the house and try to make the dogs bark.

In the spring of 2001, Bubba entered our lives. We don’t know how old he is for sure, because rescue marked him as “at least 2 years old.” He’s a demanding old curmudgeon, who often steals food from our plates, but makes up for it with his loud purring and expressive chatting.

Sunny came along next, and his name is the perfect description of his personality. I might be biased, but he has the sweetest disposition of any dog I’ve ever met. Sunny is an American Cocker Spaniel, and he’s now 14 years old. Sunny’s little buddy, and the mascot for Furocious Foto, is Murphy.

Murphy, 9 years old, is a Wire-haired Miniature Dachshund, and he’s my little dude. He likes to play the ferocious game, loves to de-stuff his toys, buries racquetballs in his crate, and is generally our little alarm dog, whether we need a warning or not. He loves cheese.